When new member couples are approved, they are inducted into the order at the next regular meeting of the order and are introduced by their sponsoring member couple. At that time they are awarded their medallions and any other acoutriment so designated. They are required, after this introduction and before being seated, to recite a poem or tell a story containing the words, "fuck" and "fart".  Not many members have risen to the occassion in a grand style, however 2016 inductees James Parks and Barbara White (now Mrs. Parks) set the bar quite high for new members and would be a tough act to follow. Their poem was memorable and to "give you something to shoot for", it is below for your enjoyment.

We came to the meeting they called us fucktards

it made all the Shiners laugh really hard

They fed us good snacks that are good for the heart

but careful, cause too many will cause you to fart

So tonight I deliver my required poem to you

in hopes I'll be seeing many smiles in the room

Cheers to you all, one day you'll ask how

but, too late, it's done, you're stuck with us now.